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As one of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor suppliers in Taiwan, North Latitude Electronic Co., Ltd is focusing its business on producing and selling the JUN FU brand aluminum electrolytic capacitor as well as distributing capacitors, in conformity with X safety standards, produced by well-known local suppliers CTX and UTX.
For more than thirty years North Latitude Electronic Co., Ltd has been specializing in the production of a variety of types of aluminum electrolytic capacitors: SMD, lead, snap-in, and screw terminals to meet customers’typical and special needs in computer peripherals, consumer electronics, power supplies, communications, lighting and automation equipment. North Latitude Electronic Co., Ltd has multiple sales offices in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Its products are adopted by a few OEMs and are well recognized by them.
BEC is dedicated to the research and development of production technologies for aluminum electrolytic capacitor in Mainland China. BEC has been expanding its production facilities to meet customers’ aluminum electrolytic capacitor needs in one shot for effective cost and quality control.
North Latitude Electronic Co., Ltd has built up various inspection equipment and instruments for quality control from material sourcing, inspection, up to the whole production processes. North Latitude Electronic Co., Ltd is certified by ISO9001:2008, except its R&D operations, and is qualified to meet the requirements of different electronic components markets.
North Latitude Electronic Co., Ltd is dedicated to producing RoHS-compliant products. It strives to reach this goal by stringent material sourcing, continuously investing in R&D and production facilities, and co-developing products with customers. The ultimate vision is to meet market demands with green products produced by green process. 
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